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A Full-Service Cloud-Based Restaurant Management Solution!

One of our most successful products is Foodnerd which is a complete solution for restaurant automation and management. It is an intuitive, affordable, and robust restaurant POS solution for restaurants with remarkable features and powerful cloud-based capabilities that will help your business thrive. Foodnerd Point Of Sale system is loaded with an exciting all-in-one management system that manages complex restaurant operations quickly within a budget while maintaining their online and social presence seamlessly. It proves to be a great choice to invest in.

Foodnerd has a powerful dashboard that eases restaurant operations and creates long-term growth for the businesses in checking customers, recording sales, accepting payments, and many more. Foodnerd restaurant management solution caters to All types of small, medium and large scale restaurant businesses. It is specifically tailored to fit the needs of Food van, Food cart, cafes, bakeries, pizza shops, restaurants, home chefs, and many more. Foodnerd online ordering creates a powerful synergy that provides businesses the right circumstances to strengthen, reach a broader market and cater to customers with their better services.

Hurry up!!! Your Restaurant Needs Foodnerd POS, A Complete Solution For Your Restaurant Operations.


Inventory Management

Supplier Management

Compliance with ZATCA e-invoicing

Expense Management

Purchase Management

Cloud Based POS

Table Management

Menu Management

24/7 Customer Support


A creative end-to-end solution for the retail industry!

Howmuch is a Retail Point Of Sale software and Distribution Management System armed with proprietary and sophisticated technology that put retail stores in the fast lane of the digital world. Howmuch POS has a powerful dashboard with accessible functionalities that provides retailers complete control over their inventory and maintains strong coordination among distribution channels. Howmuch optimize in-store and online retail operations

Howmuch empowers manufacturers and wholesalers with its outstanding technology and optimizes every aspect of the manufacturing business through automated planning, production, and scheduling. It also improves supply chain visibility. Howmuch Distribution Management System has everything that a distributor needs to monitor their distribution network. From managing sales, CRM, and purchases to handling inventory, Howmuch DMS efficiently performs outbound operations and keeps costs low.

Howmuch POS easily differentiates products based on price, SKU weight, and inventory. Howmuch POS generates invoices for various transactions, including sales, refunds, voids, etc., in Arabic and English with QR codes and hash values such as the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). Howmuch Point of Sale Software is a ZATCA recommended software that complies with all the legal bindings of Zakat Tax and Custom Authority. Howmuch faster generates XML invoices according to the format given by Zakat, the Tax and Custom Authority.


Enjoy Howmuch advanced feature POS and operate your multiple stores anywhere at any time with no additional cost.


Inventory Management

Supplier Management

Warehouse Management

Multiple Retail Chains Management

Credit/Wallet Payments Management

100% Data Security & Recovery

User Roles & Authorities

Compliance with ZATCA e-invoicing

Real time Reports